This page is a collection of posted Web 2.0 presentations for teachers. These presentations and collections are teacher created and are suitable for use in staff development to introduce the concepts to other teachers.

PLCMC Learning 2.0 presents a 9 week program for teachers to learn about Web 2.0. The program is designed around the idea of accomplishing 23 tasks, similar to the 43 things concept. Tasks include blogging, flickr, RSS, tagging, wikis, YouTube, and more.

Educause has a selection of linked PDF documents around Web 2.0 and other educational technology trends in their Educause Learning Initiative, called 7 Things You Should Know About… This series includes RSS, Digital Storytelling, Google Earth and many others.

Open Educational Resources, or OER Commons is a teaching and learning network of shared materials, from K through college, from algebra to zoology, open to all to use.

FREE – Federal Resources for Educational Excellence – Teaching and Learning Resources from Federal Agencies: searchable activities and resources grouped by subject areas including Arts & Music, Health & Phys Ed, History & Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, Science, and special collections.

IMSA 21st Information Fluency Project provides top tips, lesson plans, core competencies, events materials for teacher training, a Digital Investigator for language arts support at the middle school and high school levels, links and more.

Tom Johnson’s i’d rather be writing blog includes a nice presentation on blogging. The presentation materials cover reasons to blog, uses for blogs, usability tips, and specific information on using WordPress.

Apple Learning Interchange includes presentations from recent national education conferences. If you were unable to attend FETC 2007 or TCEA 2007, ALI brings you audio recordings of select presenters. ALI also has many other educational resources in audio and video format.

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy’s (IMSA) 21st Century Information Fluency Project (21CIF) provides free resources and training to all educators and learners so that they may locate, evaluate and use digital information resources more effectively, efficiently and ethically. 21CIF addresses the information needs experienced by today’s teachers and students through IMSA’s “Full Circle Resource Kit“, online courses and webinars, face-to-face workshops and interactive tutorials. All curricular resources are informed by the latest research and supplemented with interactive Wizard Tools.

David Warlick presents across the nation on educational issues and Web 2.0. To facilitate his presentations, David Warlick has set up a site called: At Your Service. Here he posts the handouts for his presentations. The presentations page can be found here:

You’ll find many useful and interesting presentations from this year’s K12 Online Conference. Speakers such as David Warlick, Chris Lehman, Steve Dembo and more, present many innovative sessions on the implications for Web 2.0 in education.

TIE presentation by Stevan Kalmon and Matthew Woolums, both from the Denver Public School in Denver, CO, in June of 2006, Read Write Web TIE 2006 is an overview of sample sites that exhibit Web 2.0 characteristics.

Karl Fisch, from Arapahoe HS in Littleton, CO, has collected three of his presentations in one convenient location, The Fischbowl Presentations. You can also access his blog, The Fischbowl, to see other interesting discussions.

The Fischbowl Presentations