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2010 in Review

Filed under: Articles/Videos,History,Link Collections — Matthew Woolums at 9:32 am on Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So many ways to look back at this time of year when we move from one calendar to the next. This strikes me as arbitrary since my calendar is centered around the school year which starts in August. In any case, if you didn’t know what happened this year, here is a short retrospective collection to peruse.

First up, the best videos for Educators, according to Larry Ferlazzo:

Significant technology events in the eyes of TechCrunch from 2010:

2010 brought the end to many significant web services (and a few that were insignificant)

Here’s hoping that isn’t one of them, but if it is…

Many new technology toys were introduced in 2010, which may be seen as the Year of Touch Computing:

2010 also brought us a great resource for introducing other educators to the current state of the Internet. I wonder how long before this publication is out of date?

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